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Careers Booster Review: The Best Way To Boost Your Career

Are you finding it challenging to write a proper resume? You are not alone. Most people who are seeking employment or furthering their careers find it demanding to write an outstanding professional resume. With unemployment rates on the rise, you need a top-notch resume that will land you a seat at the interview panel. If you have been spending sleepless nights trying to get your resume on the right track, then what you need is a professional resume writer to help you.

One such company that offers this service is Careers Boosters. It provides professional resume writing services to many job seekers and individuals who are looking to grow their careers further in different fields. It boasts of expert writers who will carefully craft your resume to help you land that dream job you have always wanted. You may feel the pressure of finding the right job, do not worry; will sort you out.

Careers booster resume writing reviews aim to give you more insight into whether their services are worth giving a chance. Are they offering professional services? Or is it just marketing gimmicks? We shall delve into essential features that make this resume writing service better than the rest.

Below is a snippet of the features of what this review will cover:

What is

It is of paramount importance to have an in-depth understanding of what entails before we continue with the review. The vendor has been operating for the last 17 years with a primary objective of linking people with potential employers. They have a loyal team of qualified writers with expert recruiting and career coaching managers from all over the world.

Careers booster reviews aim to give you a deeper understanding of how you can benefit from this service. The company produces the best resumes and cover letters to its clients since they have skilled writers. With 17 years of experience in the industry, they assure you of nothing but top-notch results. Careers boosters will help you highlight your employable skills and help you get your dream job. Their services are quite reasonable because they want to offer you the best since they understand that as a job seeker, you may be operating on a tight budget. Furthermore, the team of experts is highly trained to identify the appropriate skill set for particular positions so to ascertain an individual’s strengths and weakness. This enables the writers to come up with a great resume.

Service Review resume reviews have a primary objective of enlightening you with the array of services available. It assists individuals who are seeking jobs or people who want a career growth in diverse industries to gain employment in desirable companies.

The following is a list of services offered as clearly depicted on the company’s website. There are no additions or omissions whatsoever.

  • Writing of Resumes

  • Editing of Resumes

  • Writing of CV’s

  • Editing of CV’s

  • Writing cover letters

At the bottom of the website, there are additional services listed:

  • Distributing resumes to employers

  • Letters: To follow up and to Thank an employer

  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities

It is important to note that the services are offered at several levels: Entry, Professional, Career change, Executive, Military, and Federal. Each level has different pricing depending on the deadline. Market Reputation

A company’s reputation directly affects its performance and sales. Therefore, we have a list of reviews from different sources such as site jabber. Most reviews are positive with a few negative comments. This implies that is a professional company in the industry. Below are excerpts of testimonials from clients:

Jerry B., a satisfied client says,

 Sitejabber careersbooster review

James C. who chose to pursue a new career path says,

 Sitejabber careersbooster review 2

However, there were also some negative comments in site jabber:

Mo N. thinks it is a complete waste of money she commented,

 Sitejabber careersbooster bad review


Company Guarantees

What makes the company that will change the course of your career? There are special features that make this company the best resume writing service in the writing industry. For you to make your order, you need to be sure that you will get the value for your money. Thus, we have a list of company guarantees as captured from its website:

  • A Team of professional writers

The company has a team of highly educated writers who ensure that you receive quality resumes. With 17 years of experience, the clients are guaranteed quality work. Also, you can communicate directly with your writer for convenient and efficient services.

  • Timely Delivery

Since time is a critical aspect, the team ensures that your work is delivered within the stipulated time-frame with no delays whatsoever.

  • Client satisfaction thrives on customer satisfaction because it is the tool that drives the orders. Thus, the company guarantees its clients maximum satisfaction.

  • Free revisions

The company has a free revision policy in case a client is not satisfied. Until you approve the final copy, the writers are willing to revise your work. However, if you are still not satisfied, there is also a full refund policy.

  • Customer support

There is a responsive 24/7 customer service feature that ensures all your concerns are addressed no matter the time and place.


Quality is a major aspect when it comes to the service delivery of any company. According to several other reviews, is a top-notch resume writing service which does not compromise on quality. On the company website, there are resume samples for each level to help potential clients judge the quality of the resumes. Even though there are a few negative reviews, this writing company is among the best resume writing services that deliver quality results to its customers.


Are the prices reasonable? If you compare the cost of to other resume writing services, you will find that the prices are quite reasonable. Each level of service has a different price depending on the urgency. The deadline begins from 5 days, 3 days, 48 hours, and 24 hours. Below is a brief overview of the prices according to the information on the website.

  • An entry level resume costs $129 with a 5-day deadline and $189 with a 24-hour deadline. While an executive level, costs from $179 to $239 subject to the stated deadline.

  • A resume and cover letter in the entry level starts from $155 to $245. The same package in the executive level starts from $255 to $309 subject to the stipulated deadline.

  • A complete package of a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile starts from $209 to $325 subject to the urgency. At the executive level, the price varies from $305 to $419.

Apart from the fair prices, you can enjoy discount packages depending on the type of services you require. For more detailed information, you can visit the company website.

Extra Services

There are some extra services such as clients’ resumes being distributed to potential employment companies for consideration. Also, if you want to thank your employer for hiring you or just for a follow-up, the writers will help you to write a letter. The writers are experienced in bringing out the best skills and abilities to help clients move ahead career-wise.

Customer Support

Is the customer support service reliable? Reviews for show that the support feature on the website operates 24/7 for all clients. A live chat messaging is available on the site with a customer care representative to help you at any time. You can also contact them through a toll-free phone number, and also via their email address. The employees are always ready to help you with any question or inquiry. If you want to place an order, you click the service that you want, and it will take you a page with the order details. Fill in your details, pay and a professional will start working on it.

Overall, the initial impression about Careers Booster is good. If you are seeking a high-quality, trusted vendor of resume writing services, this provider is definitely recommended.



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Great experience, they fulfilled my all requirements. Careersbooster's team was very honest in their service. Keep up They help me a lot. good work. Thank you, guys.



Total scam. Careers Booster was a nightmare combo of aggressive and ineffectual. As soon as I placed my order, they spent more time trying to upsell me on additional services rather than focusing on getting to understand my needs and deliver a quality product. They required an extension and when I received my order it contained typos and had an awful color scheme. I made my own edits so that I could start distributing my resume, rather than waiting for revisions. After a month of no call backs, I requested a revision. Again, Careers Booster required an extension and, after waiting 6 days for a rewrite, they changed ONE SENTENCE in my file, just moving around the order of some words. I was furious and asked for a refund. They conducted an investigation on if they had failed to meet my requirements and that's when I learned that the file I received was not compatible for ATS... unbelievable! Even after that, they would only refund half of my payment since it was more than 3 days after the order was completed. From there the company continued to call me on a daily basis asking for "one more chance" before my refund was processed. The company calls you at all hours from bogus numbers and requires way too much hand-holding for a "professional" service. Absolutely terrible experience all around. Stay away!



They reformatted my old resume. Never contacted by resume writer. Then told me 2 weeks ago they sent out my resume to agencies. Never did!!! I found my own position within a company. Called today will not refund. BEWARE!!!!



Careeerbooosters provided me very professional service in resume writing.They have expertise in crafting a comprehensive package that included a detailed resume, cover letter and Linked profile for me. I highly recommend Careerboosters for anyone seeking employment in any number of job and career areas.



I couldn't be less satisfied. They don't meet timelines, produce a non-professional product (including grammar errors/ incorrect usage of words) and don't meet timelines. Only be filing a complaint with the BBB have I started to get a response on my complaints



I think $200 for resume and CV was a bit expensive but, all in all, I got my dream job. What else should I ask for?!



This is a scam!!!



This is a complete scam - stay away. They are not even located in the USA.



They received my beautifully worded resume and they turned this into something that none of my colleagues can recognize. Typos, weird word usage was scattered throughout the version I received from them. They tried to sell me more of their products BEFORE they even giving the first shot at my resume. Stay away!! I was fooled by the reviews too. I don't know how they rank so high!



Nice service! I needed to write my first resume but I had no idea how to do it well. Careers Booster helped me but it was a bit expensive.



Don’t waste your time with this awful service! I was looking for well-qualified writers online, which could help me to compose attractive and competitive resume since I have extensive experience in the field of social work, but no decent knowledge in how to present myself beneficially. By the time I was desperate to find anything suitable, I have visited so many resume writing services sites and have read hundreds of reviews! But when my colleague suggested me addressing to careers booster, I stopped my searching. They have a relatively good online reputation, so I tried my luck. Now I really wish I didn’t turn to careers booster for help! First of all, the customer service is deeply incompetent, as managers couldn’t clearly explain to the writer what I have required! The resume turned out poor quality, even editor’s amendments couldn’t fix it! And the prices are unreasonably high – if you cannot satisfy your clients since the very beginning, why sending them discount coupons? I’m disappointed.



Don’t hesitate to hire Careers Booster writers – they stuff definitely consists of great professionals only. They helped me to edit my resume as it was quite wordy and the structure was unclear. If you are looking for a resume writing service, pay attention to Careers Booster – they won’t let you down!



It is a great service! After graduating from college, I needed to find a job to support my mom. So obviously, creating good CV was my number one priority. I had no idea how to write a resume, did not understand its specifics, so it was a challenging task for me to compose anything on my own. My boyfriend’s sister told me about Careers Booster, they helped her to get a job. I gotta say, though my CV was good, the price range is unpleasantly high.



Overall, it is a good service with a nice reputation on the web. The range of services they provide is great, from simple CV writing and LinkedIn profile creation to thank-you letters and so on. So, if you need to improve your resume and make it believable and attractive, you can turn to Careers Booster for help. Another thing is their pricing which is actually pretty high. The outcome is certainly worth the money, but it’s not affordable for everyone. Plus, they have rather strict refund rules, so in case you don’t like the completed CV/letter or just changed your mind at the last moment, it might be hard to get your money back.



I want to express my appreciation to Careers Booster. Thanks to the guidance of these specialists, I got the job! They helped me to compose the eye-catching resume and cover letter. Thanks a lot!



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