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A well-written resume can differentiate between getting and missing your dream job. Therefore, pay attention to how you write it or who writes it for you if you choose to use professionals to write it. In this review, we examine one such service provider—Resumes Planet. Read on to discover how this company can assist you in drafting an expert resume that will speak well for you before potential employers.

Our review will cover:

Service Review

According to leading experts and Web users, Resumes Planet is one of the choicest resume writing companies in the United States. It endeavors to write result-oriented documents tailored to meet the varying needs of the modern job seeker. It offers a full job search solution by providing CV writing and editing, resumes drafting, Linkedin profile writing, cover letters, career advice, and follow-up letter writing.

All its writers hold certificates in resume drafting. Moreover, they have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that human resource managers notice your resume and CV favorably. The company’s experts are abreast with the trends in various industries and they ensure that your resume markets and places you strategically in prestigious companies. They write first-rate resumes and offer additional services such as consultancy. Moreover, the company has more than 200 expert writers who specialize in different career fields. These writers highlight your strengths, assuring you a place in the job market.

Resumes Planet Reputation

According to Reddit, resumes planet reviews are mostly positive with very few negative comments. The affordable services, timely delivery, and high-quality documents make the company a preferable choice even for first-time job hunters. Its specialists review resumes, give clients the highs and lows of their potential jobs, and let them decide whether they need the firm’s services or not.

Moreover, clients enjoy affordable pricing and work with a friendly team of writers. After contacting the company, you are connected to a writer who will handle your resume project. This writer takes you through the writing process and advises you on the best course of action. This kind of approach makes the company an ideal choice to give you the best resume even if you are a novice job seeker.

Prices and Packages

This firm provides some of the most affordable resume drafting and writing services in today’s market, and also gives clients discounts. Below are some of the most popular packages it offers:

  • Package 1: Resume and cover letter

The pricing of the package ranges from $209 to get the resume in 24 hours and $150 to receive your order within 5 days. This package includes a resume and a cover letter.

  • Package 2: Resume

The charges for 24 hours are $ 49 and $99 for 5 days

You will get a high-quality resume if you pay for this package

  • Package 3: Full package premium

This package includes a resume, an optimized LinkedIn profile, and a cover letter

The charges are $299 to get the above in 24 hours and $179 to get the documents in 5 days.

  • Package 4: Full Package

It includes a resume, cover letter, a follow-up, and thank-you letter

Charges are $239 for 24 hours and $159 for 5-day delivery

All the above packages attract a discount.

Payment Methods

The company accepts various payment methods including Visa card, Master Card, American Express or Wire Transfers.


The company has an impressive team of writing specialists who guarantee the best services for clients. The remaining subsections of this review will delve into the depth of some of them.

Interview Guarantee

Clients receive interview invitations within one month of the firm reviewing their CV’s. In case they don’t land an interview, the writer revises their CVs to ensure they land jobs. An interview is defined as a call, email communication, in-person meeting, and any other communication from a prospective employer.

Timely Delivery

The company works promptly and ensures you get your documents within the agreed time. Based on your chosen package, you receive your orders between one and five days. Upon ordering your resume, the firm delivers it promptly.

Guarantee of Quality

You will receive your document in either word or PDF format. The writing specialist will deliver the resume as per the requested format.

Guarantee for Revision

Should you review the document and it is unsatisfactory, the firm allows you to ask for a revision. The writing specialist will revise your order within a day.

Ownership Guarantee

Clients get full ownership of their resumes upon delivery. The company refunds customers with genuine complaints; however, it reserves the rights for the resumes if it refunds a client and may use it for advertising. The client’s personal information will remain confidential.


This firm guarantees a refund if the documents you get don’t meet your needs. It allows you to contact the customer service team with your complaints and concerns. Should it verify them, it refunds your money to ensure that you don’t lose your cash. Its QA team analyzes all complaints before refunding users their money.


The firm has an expert career adviser who guarantees you well-crafted papers according to established standards. It assigns your resume to writers based on their knowledge of the sector you seek to work in. The certified writers ensure that your papers are of the highest standards.


The company has a qualified writing specialist who guarantees high quality. Also, most of its drafters specialize in different fields to ensure you get quality documents in any area of specialization. They are knowledgeable and experts to deliver CV’s, cover letters and any other job search documents. The firm also offers different levels of quality including entry level, professional, executive, military, federal and career change level. Its writing specialists deliver the quality of the level you choose and ensure that you get a competitive edge in the job market.

The Extras

The firm offers job search documents and other additional services such as consultation and document distribution services. Moreover, you get expert advice that enables you to begin your profession on a strong footing. The firm also provides wholesome services that optimize your papers and let you stand out of the crowd of other job seekers.

Customer Support

The company assigns you a specialist who handles your documents right after the order’s placement and payment. Its writers are ready to answer your questions and handle any concerns. Resumes Planet ensures that the communication between the writer and the client is satisfactory. Once you begin the ordering process, you get your own profile with a messaging system. You can contact the certified writer at any time. Moreover, you can use the 24/7 support system and if you require more information on pricing or order progress, you contact the writer who answers your queries promptly through a live chat.

Final Verdict

So far, we have laid everything bare before you regarding what this service provider offers. So, we hope you have sufficient and accurate information at your fingertips to make an informed decision. The ball is now in your court to sample the company’s services to find out if they suit your needs or not.


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Resume Planet has helped me in all kinds of documents which was required for my employment process. It's a trustworthy service that keeps its promise & easily complies with deadlines & requirements



I had a bad experience with Resumes Planet. First of all, the prices are really high. I urgently needed to update my resume so I paid $209 for it and CV. They promised to deliver work in 24 hours. But I’ve got it in almost 30 hours. And there were some grammar mistakes.



I ordered a resume there. It came in time (in 5 days) and I liked everything but the price.



I’ve been searching for the guys who will update my current Linkedin profile. So I paid Resumes Planet for it. They’ve done the job great! Will use their service again.



When I decided to change my career path, I knew that I needed to enhance my resume and make it more attractive to potential employers. After serious searching for a decent resume writing service, I have found ResumesPlanet. The service is claimed to be result-oriented, but I would like to add that it is also a client-oriented company. I ordered a detailed CV (the price was OK for me), and it came out well written, except for one tiniest mistake. The editor immediately corrected it, so I totally recommend this service!



This resume writing service has so much more to offer than just simple CV completion. I general, Resumes Planet suggests helping with resume and letters writing and CV composing, but they also share valuable tips for job candidates like me. There are articles on how to conquer mental stress during a job interview that were really helpful for me personally. The customer support is friendly. The prices are quite high (I paid $109 for a resume with 3-day delivery), but there is a discount system. In the end, I got the job I wanted, so it was all worth it!



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