Our Review Process

As a service dedicated to delivering true and unbiased evaluations of resume writing services and consultancies to our users, we always take the review process seriously. It would be unfair to stain a good company’s reputation by making conclusions based on limited data, or on the contrary, to neglect some red flags and give our users a go-ahead with some doubtful one-day scam. So, how does the review process take part and how do we guarantee its objectivity and informativity to clients? Here is a quick step-by-step guide to the process of our evaluation.

When reviewing a new resume provider, we always pay close attention to:

  • Its general appeal that a user gets from visiting the company’s website;
  • Its reputation online;
  • Pricing and plans offered by the company;
  • Availability of different payment methods;
  • Guarantees that clients get from the provider;
  • Extra services that come for free and at an extra charge with the resume writing service or job interview consultancy;
  • Quality of customer support that the company provides;
  • The overall impression that the company produces based on the analysis of all aforementioned points.

Now let’s discuss each of them in more detail – why is the criterion included and why is it important?

General review. The first point of our review is the company’s official website that can provide much valuable information and the basic first impression. The company usually lays out the list of its services, its USP, and its competitive advantages on the main page, thus clarifying why it is the best customer choice. We pay attention to whether the website looks professional or not, whether the quality of text suggests native speakers and competent writers overall, and whether it produces an impression of a credible resource.

Reputation online. The company’s testimonials on the main page are lame arguments that nobody believes. To get more truthful, unbiased commentaries of real buyers, we go to external resources like Reddit, Quora, local forums and online communities. There we search for testimonials and reviews of clients as well as writers to find out whether the company indeed delivers what it promises.

Pricing. As a stand-alone figure, the pricing model of any specific vendor does not say anything – everybody is free to price his/her services the way they want. However, we compare the basic services across websites that we have already reviewed to produce a price ranking. In such a way, clients always know where to buy affordable resumes and what services over-price their services.

Payment methods. Availability of numerous payment methods is a critical argument in favor of choosing some vendor. Moreover, we can say much about the company by looking at its payment options; in case the company offers Wire Transfer, credit/debit cards, and PayPal, we deem it a more solid entity than the one accepting only online payments through some third-party terminals.

Guarantees. Refunds in cases of low quality, delay, or client dissatisfaction are a strong guarantee for clients working with some vendor for the first time. You need to be sure that in case of emergency, you’ll have your money back.

Extra services. Numerous vendors try to attract clients by extra services. This may be a resume review, a Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA) statement, or a special discount on a resume/CV package. Look for such specials; they may be a great opportunity to save a lion share of the service’s price.

Customer support. Unfortunately, availability of support 24/7 is often a matter of theory only, which is very unpleasant in cases when you need your resume urgently, but the writer is delaying an order. We check the responsiveness of support several times a day, on various days of the week to see whether the 24/7 support promises are true.

That’s it! Knowing these details, we are able to produce a true, objective verdict about whether the company is worth your attention and money or not. Stay tuned to our next reviews and order career consultancy and writing assistance only from checked and tested providers.